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We are delighted to welcome you and your loved ones to Colorado Spine & Disc (Summit Chiropractic Care Center LLC)! Whether you seek recovery from a debilitating auto accident injury, drug-free management of a chronic health condition like sciatica in Denver, or you simply want to enjoy the highest possible standard of health and wellness, our Broomfield chiropractors are here to help you for life!

Our Denver chiropractors and staff at Colorado Spine & Disc provide leading chiropractic pain relief and wellness care treatment for people throughout the greater Denver area, including Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster, Lafayette, Superior, Louisville and surrounding communities.

Chiropractor Broomfield, CO Services

Our Denver chiropractor at our clinic, Dr. Brad Richardson, knows how to prescribe a variety of therapies and treatment modalities to help you overcome your particular health challenge, including both standard manual manipulation and cervical or lumbar decompression.

Our Broomfield chiropractic clinic specializes in various areas, including, but not limited to:

- Neck Pain
- Back Pain
- Sciatica
- Spinal Decompression
- Auto Accident Injuries & Whiplash
- Cold Laser Therapy
- Herniated Discs
- Leg Pain
- Arthritis
- Stenosis
and more!

Take a moment to explore our site, learn more about our Broomfield chiropractic team, and read up on our services. Then contact Colorado Spine & Disc to take your health to the next level!

Our Approach

 Here at Colorado Spine & Clinic, our chiropractors in Broomfield, CO practice holistic or "whole person" health and wellness care. That means we look beyond the surface symptoms to study the delicate interrelationship between your musculoskeletal, neurological and internal systems, whether it's Denver whiplash treatment, sciatic nerve pain or even headaches and migraines.

Your brain controls everything that happens in your body by receiving information and issuing instructions through your spinal cord and nerves. Chiropractic medicine involves far more than simply relieving Denver neck pain or back pain, although it can certainly do that with remarkable effectiveness.

Misalignments in your spinal column can disrupt that flow of information, causing your body to malfunction in a wide variety of ways. By performing natural, non-invasive adjustments to the spine, we can correct those misalignments to help your body function properly once again. This makes adjustment highly effective, not only for treating injuries and illnesses, but as a sensible preventative measure for keeping your body in top operational condition at all times.

Spinal Decompression/Sciatica

Spinal Decompression is especially valuable for relieving herniated discs that pinch neighboring nerves, causing sciatica, arm weakness and other issues. Our sciatica Denver professionals can apply small amounts of distraction pressure on the spine to draw the disc back into its normal configuration, relieving the herniation and ultimately the symptoms. Pregnant patients will benefit from the Webster technique, a gentle form of adjustment that helps position the fetus in the womb for a safe and healthy birth.

Cold Laser Therapy

We also offer Class IV or cold laser therapy for quick healing and natural relief of pain and inflammation. This form of laser treatment penetrates the skin, stimulating cell repair and blood flow to speed healing and reduce discomfort without drugs. Since so many of our therapeutic techniques naturally complement each other, we often prescribe them in a combination that we call the NewLife Healing System. This integrated holistic healing program works to heal your body on multiple fronts, producing dramatic results and helping you get the maximum benefit from our services. We even offer smoking cessation services for our patients who are trying to kick this dangerous habit once and for all.

State-of-the-Art Laser Therapy

Laser therapy was born from scientific research over 30 years ago in Europe. Today, the advanced technology of class IV deep tissue laser therapy is an effective alternative to surgical procedures, does not require the use of drugs, or have any known side effects. Studies have proven that class IV laser therapy achieves faster and more effective results than the treatment from other modalities.

Just CLICK HERE for the benefits of Lite Cure & K-Laser and the full story on these 2 powerful lasers.


For years, my low back pain prevented me from doing the things I enjoyed in life. Thanks to Spinal Decompression, I can now go out to watch a movie, to go out dancing, to do whatever I want without having to have to worry about my low back pain. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Mary C.

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