Arthritis is notably the most common of disabling diseases known to man. At least ten percent of the world population experiences experience arthritis with thirteen million people in the U.S. alone. Whether you are looking for arthritis treatment in the Denver area, or an osteoarthritis specialist in Louisville, CO, Summit Medical Care Center is here to help.

Our arthritis clinic in Broomfield, CO specializes in treating this debilitating disease. Many sufferers restrict daily activities and 750,000 people are so disabled they are unable to attend school, work, or perform daily functional tasks. Our integrative medical team in Broomfield, CO , understands this, and strives to help those suffering from arthritis in the Denver area. 

Types of Arthritis Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis develops usually before age 45, and deforms the bones and joints through inflammation caused by substances found in the blood. This kind of disease causes physical change and deformities resulting from compounds in the blood. This may also occur after high fevers, severe illnesses, tuberculosis, and from viral agents. 

Osteoarthritis is usually present after the age of 45, and is the natural ageing and "wear and tear" on the joints of the body due to age and activity. Unlike back pain, both forms of arthritis cause inflammation of the joints and tendons causing pain and movement restriction. Different forms of osteoarthritis are experienced by intense use of a specific joint such as "Tennis Elbow." Some experience "Household Knee," which is really an inflammation of the tendon. Tendinitis can severely affect the use of a joint, and is treated with inflammation-reducing treatments such as WaveTherapy™

Spinal osteoarthritis can also be experienced in the form of Osteophytes, which can cause trouble with discs, and contribute to degenerative disc disease. Osteophytes, or bony growths may form on the spine, or at other joints causing pain. 

Symptoms of Arthritis

Those suffering from arthritis may begin to notice stiffness in walking and in the movement of the hands and feet. Dull aches that seem non-specific may be identified, as well as pain and redness/swelling in specific joints. Sufferers may experience mild fatigue, loss of grip strength in the hands, and other muscle weakness that may cause imbalance when standing or walking. Other symptoms include:

  • Stiffness in the legs, feet, hands, knees, elbows
  • Difficulty using feet and balancing
  • Thick feeling in fingers, inability to make a fist
  • Difficulty sitting for long periods
  • Inability to squat or kneel
  • Pain moving or lifting the arms, or moving legs
  • Pain using hands to operate scissors, pens, etc.

Our Approach: Treatment for Arthritis

During your initial consultation, we will perform a full examination and diagnostic testing to identify the root of your condition. After we identify the exact sources of your pain, we will create a custom plan tailored to your needs to ease your pain and improve your overall health.

Reducing inflammation: is one of the major keys to treating arthritis. Our Broomfield arthritis clinic uses various therapies to reduce overall muscle, joint and tendon inflammation resulting from overuse, bursitis, and sports injuries.

Knee Injections:  we may recommend Supartz Knee Injections as a treatment option. Knee injections have been found to lessen pain, inflammation and relieve other symptoms.

Stop suffering from arthritis. Call our clinic today to schedule an appointment to see what treatment options are available for you.

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