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Stem Cell Therapy FAQ

Ask your chiropractor in Broomfield about stem cell therapy

As a leading provider of integrated medicine in Broomfield, we offer stem cell therapy as a treatment option to our patients at Summit Medical Care Center. Because it is a lesser-known treatment, we wanted to address some common questions that our patients might have.

What is stem cell therapy?

Cells in the body have specific functions. For example, nerve cells are part of and work within the nervous system. Stem cells are cells that do not yet have a specific role; rather, they are "blank slates" that can become specialized cells according to the body's needs.

Stem cell therapy uses stem cells to help promote the repair of damaged (e.g. diseased or injured) tissue.

Stem cells are first grown in labs by medical researchers. They are then manipulated to become specialized cells, such as nerve cells or muscle cells. These cells are then transferred to the damaged tissue, with the aim of promoting repair.

Why the role does it have in a holistic treatment plan?

There are several reasons to integrate stem cell therapy into your treatment. If conventional treatments aren't effective for you, or if you're experiencing severe pain but want to avoid surgery, stem cell therapy may be an alternative to research and consider. Your medical practitioner can assist you in making this decision.

What can a medical practitioner treat using stem cell therapy?

Because stem cells can be manipulated by a medical practitioner to become whatever cells your body is in need of, stem cell therapy is a versatile treatment. Injuries and diseases that it can treat include spinal cord injuries, joint pain, nerve damage, and arthritis.

Call us today to learn more about stem cell therapy!

If you're thinking of pursuing stem cell therapy, call your chiropractor in Broomfield at Summit Medical Care Center. Our integrated medicine practice takes a holistic approach, so we'll consider your overall health to give you treatment that is best tailored to your needs. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us at (303) 625-9231 today!

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