Your First Visit: What To Expect

What to Expect on Your First Broomfield Chiropractic Visit

Many of our patients come to their first Broomfield chiropractic visit with a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic care. They may have heard stories from friends or relatives that may have been outdated or simply misunderstood. What should you expect from your first visit to our Broomfield chiropractor?

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Introduction to Your Broomfield Chiropractor

Upon your initial visit, your Broomfield chiropractor will have you fill out the necessary forms and introduce you to what exactly chiropractic care is and how and why it works. We encourage you to bring your health insurance policy so we can help determine your benefits. If you don't have medical benefits, don't worry. Summit Medical Care Center offers affordable payment plans.

You'll meet our team and get the answers to any specific questions you may have. You'll be asked a variety of questions about why you are seeking chiropractic care. You'll have the opportunity to tell us about any pain or discomfort you've been feeling and how long you've been experiencing it. You'll want to let us know if you are in pain at the time of your visit, and whether that pain was the result of some trauma like an automobile accident or sports injury.

Physical Examination

You will be given a physical examination that, along with your medical history, will help us determine a diagnosis. An initial exam may include lab tests like an x-ray, MRI or CT scan to confirm the diagnosis. Your Doctor of Chiropractic will discuss with you chiropractic services that are appropriate for your specific condition. If your Broomfield chiropractor feels your care would be better managed by another health care professional, you will then get an appropriate referral.

Treatment With Your Broomfield Chiropractor

Whether or not you receive chiropractic treatment on your initial visit to Summit Medical Care Center will depend on you, your condition, and what your doctor feels is best. Patients who are in pain will usually get some form of treatment to immediately provide relief. Although chiropractic care is designed to ultimately fix your problems at the core and is a process that can take a period of time, many of our patients find at least some relief from pain from their initial treatment.

Schedule Your Initial Appointment Today

If you suffer from neck or back pain, migraines, sciatica, joint or knee pain, arthritis or if you have suffered whiplash from an automobile accident, call Summit Medical Care Center for an initial appointment. We will arrange a visit with a Broomfield chiropractor that is convenient for you. Call us today. We want your initial visit with us to be informative, stress-free, and helpful. What questions do you have about chiropractic care? Contact us or let us know in our comments area. We look forward to helping you get the relief you need and deserve.

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