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Living with back, neck, shoulder or back pain in Louisville, CO? Colorado Spine & Disc is here for you. Since 1997, patients in Boulder County have relied on us to provide exceptional chiropractic care to alleviate their specific problems, from chronic lower back pain to a ruptured disc.

Our leading Louisville chiropractor, Dr. Brad Richardson, treats all types of pain conditions. Our chiropractic clinic located a few short miles in Broomfield, CO specializes in a wide variety of areas, including:
Back pain
Neck pain
Spinal Stenosis
• Inflammation

 and many more.

No matter if you suffer from sciatic nerve pain or a bulging disc, call us today.

Why We're Different

- Serving Colorado since 1997
- We treat all types of conditions
- 2 FREE visits for Spinal Decompression & Laser Therapy
- Patients love us
- All major insurance plans accepted
- Same day appointment available

Sciatica Treatment in Louisville, CO

If you are suffering from sciatic nerve pain, our clinic can help. The duration of treatment depends on each individual's situation and body. During patients' initial visits, our sciatica Louisville, CO chiropractor focuses on pain relief. Once pain is under control, healing is the next step. This involves frequent spinal adjustments in order to retrain the spine to stay in its proper position. The final stage of treatment focuses on preventing future injuries.

My name is Chuck Datson and I am retired fireman. I have 47 the years I have had lost and lots of injuries, and lately I was blown off of a fire truck. Of all things I landed on my back and went to a regular doctor, and he said that he needed to operate on it and that it would only cost $85000 and that scared me to death and I had been hearing things from some other firemen about a program of laser treatments that seem to do a lot of good for them, and so I decided that I needed to do that and so I came and I have found a new home so to speak because I have been here and taking these things for roughly 20 weeks and I have to tell you, everyday has been a positive day because I had hurts even before I fell off the truck. But all of those hurts are gone now. The treatments that they gave me on a daily basis were just wonderful and I'm a new man!

-- Chuck Datson, Laser Treatment

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