Summit Medical Care Center Testimonials

"After few treatments here at Summit Medical, I can honestly say I almost 80-90% better compared to when I stepped in here the first day, I left here in tears and the pain was so bad. I went home and I was very sick. However the 2nd treatment, I came back somewhat the same, but within 1-2 weeks, it's just been amazing. I really feel the choice coming here was the best choice I could have made for my own health and I'm very thankful."

- ReNae, H.

"Sharing my husband's great experience with Dr. Brad and the lady doctor there who was just as fabulous. Staff is great and their services were very helpful for my husband's recovery. I also sent hubby in based on a friend's recommendation. He's almost released now from PT and doing fabulous. Side effect: tons of weight loss, now walking 50 minutes a day and he sees more time doing this; stretching daily exercises and taking care of his "back" business. Thanks. This is a recommendation for all to see it and recent experience as well with this office. They don't take advantage of their patients either -- keeping them around forever like other professionals may."

- Carol G.

"After (8) days of sharp pain on the right side(arm, shoulder, back and hand) I went looking for help. I would avoid taking addicting pain killers and try to stay away from surgery. I knew of a clinic called Colorado Spine and Disc and was ready to see if they could help. On day (9) I checked in and was happy to find they could help me with a new deep tissue laser and a de-compression procedure because the problem was in my lower neck (X-Ray proven). After (9) treatments there was no longer any pain anywhere! Hard to believe after hurting so bad. I would recommend Colorado Spine and Disc “first” to anyone with neck or lower back problems."

- Dennis N.

"My bulging disc in my back got so bad that each and every step I would take while walking became something I dreaded. Imagine anticipating your next step while walking with your children and being conscious of each step you take, life was horrible. Dr. Richardson devised a plan of treatment and it has worked, is working and I am confident will continue to work. He has changed my life!!"

- Anonymous

"I saw the commercial with Dr. Richardson offering two “free” visits to those with back pain and other back maladies. Having back pain for over 22 years, I have a host of problems, and am in constant pain. The pain, and pain killers, have made my life nonexistent and depressing. Since the visits were free, and Dr. Richardson looked so self-assured, I thought I’d call their bluff & made my 1st appt. I went in bent over a bit, walking in pain as usual, and was very cocky, as I knew their claims were going to be bologna and they just wanted buckets of money from me with no pain relief.

After my first laser & decompression treatment, I actually, stood up straight, and immediately noticed I, indeed, had NO pain as he boasted! I signed up right away and am looking forfward to getting off drugs, and being pain free EVERY day when my program is complete.

Like you, I’ve been ripped off so many times with doctors trying to “help.” Forget them! Dr. Richardson’s treatments for me are nothing short of a miracle! His entire staff is devoted to my pain relief, and every patient is made to feel special. I think Dr. Richardson is pretty special: he’s the ONLY doctor whose claims were truths, and I am the better for it.

If you’re sitting here reading my testimonial after only one week of treatment, pick up the phone and take those two free appts. I can guarantee that you will experience pain relief the very first day!

I walk around with a smile now instead of a prescription. Make the call today and get out of pain in a safe way, where you’re cared about, with no drugs or side effects.

Thank you for reading my testimonial."

- Fran T.

"I had surgery for spinal stenosis 2 years ago. And then I came to the spine clinic and I was on a walker. And after 3 treatments I was off of the walker. And now my muscle spasms and all the cramps are going away. And my spine and my legs. Feeling is coming back into my legs. I can roll over in bed for the first time in 2 years. And I would recommend anybody try this. And do not have surgery like I did."

- Anonymous

"Hi. I'm Bill Sandberg. I injured my back lifting too much weight. Overtime I've been in severe pain for probably almost a month. Got to the point to where I wasn't going to live with it and I found Dr. Richardson and he provided treatment—decompression. Saw him and went in for the first couple of treatments it was substantial notice about getting better. Been doing probably 27 treatments now am almost pain free completely. We all had to change our lifestyle you know.. that's what you do. That's what I should have done to start with- it wouldn't have happened. It does work and I definitely would recommend to anybody who is having severe pain all the way from lower back all the way to the right leg and my right foot was numb and I feel 110 percent better than I was.

Thank you,"

- Bill S.

"Hi. My name is Charlotte Dawn and I was having trouble with my sciatic nerve. I was in a lot of pain and I couldn't even sleep at night so my husband thought I should go to a chiropractor because it was probably pinched. And I came to a chiropractor and it was pinched. So I got treatment and now it's back to normal. It it took about two weeks. I feel good.

Thank you,"

- Charlotte D.

"Hi. I'm Larry Millhouser. I came in with a problem. Thought I had a ruptured disc. I've been coming in for about.. I think this is my fifth visit. I've been able to walk upright.. Mostly pain free. After 5 visits I'm extremely pleased. I'd recommend him to any one.


- Larry M.

"My name is Andres Brugos. I suffer from a herniated disc and a bulged disc. I've been coming here to Dr. Richardson for about two weeks and I've noticed a tremendous change in how they with the laser and decompression system they use here. I used to not be able to stand, not be able top sit, and within 2 weeks its tremendously changed the way I feel right now."

- Andres B.

"My name is Chuck Datson and I am a retired fireman. I have 47 the years I have had lost and lots of injuries, and lately I was blown off of a fire truck. Of all things I landed on my back and went to a regular doctor, and he said that he needed to operate on it and that it would only cost $85000 and that scared me to death and I had been hearing things from some other firemen about a program of laser treatments that seem to do a lot of good for them, and so I decided that I needed to do that and so I came and I have found a new home so to speak because I have been here and taking these things for roughly 20 weeks and I have to tell you, everyday has been a positive day because I had hurts even before I fell off the truck. But all of those hurts are gone now. The treatments that they gave me on a daily basis were just wonderful and I'm a new man! No pains at all in my back and neck and I just came back from a 6 city trip because I still teach fire departments different things and boy you would think with all those hours behind the wheel and doing the classes it would be pretty tiring and gee I came back and still feel wonderful and I haven't felt this good since probably a year ago. That's great. And some one who's thinking about doing this, what would you say. I would say give me a call if you're not sure what you want to do and Ill explain to you why I came and what its done for me and I'll tell you I'm kind of signed on with these folks to be able to come in occasionally just to look me over just to make sure I'm on the right track here because I still do things with the fire department that's somewhat tough on your back and legs and stuff but I'm a new man and I really appreciate it.


- Chuck D.

"Dear Dr. Richardson,

I wanted to take a moment to write you about my recent experiences with Spinal Decompression. While I am only partway through the treatment plan, I have been so pleasantly surprised that I wanted to pass on my comments.

First of all, I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical of the whole idea. After all, I have had low back pain for over 8 years and numerous doctor visits and regimens of physical therapy had only partially helped and few of those treatments had made such an immediate impact as Spinal Decompression.

Feeling better came on the night of Day 1. As I was going to sleep, I realized something was different. After a few moments of reflection, I realized what was different was that my back didn't hurt. Over the next several treatments, I also realized I could stand in one place without getting sore and my posture had improved as I was not compensating for low back pain. Overall, the whole process is easy, painless, and relaxing.

While I realize no pain does not mean 'well' and that I need to continue with all aspects of my treatment, I wanted to share some thoughts with you and any future patient considering using Spinal Decompression. I look forward to the remaining sessions and a bright (and painless) future.


P.S. Don't forget to remind your patients to bring in their favorite DVD or CD as it helps pass the time and is more relaxing."

- Steve D.

"My husband and I have been receiving care from Amy and Brad with the BAX 3000 (Laser Allergy Treatment).

We're very happy with the results we have seen. My husband, Eddie, has had SEVERE allergies and eczema all of his life. He once sneezed so hard that he tore a muscle in his chest wall and with the pain and shortness of breath we thought he was having a heart attack. He has had constant eczema on his hands and legs with many severe breakouts. Basically, he was miserable most of the year!

Since receiving treatments, his eczema has improved significantly with only occasional breakouts (he had a mild increase in eczema during the holidays because he was eating a lot of sugar and it was very cold at the same time). Since he cut back on the treats again his eczema has improved again. This has never happened before! It didn't matter what we did, what creams the dermatologist gave him, allergy shots, etc., he was still miserable. So, anyway, we are very happy and hope you will be too."

- V.W.


Thank you for everything. You have no idea how much you have contributed to enriching my life.

I really appreciate all I have learned and continue to learn from you, Brad and the rest of the staff.

Thank you and see you soon,"

- J.J.

"For years, my low back pain prevented me from doing the things I enjoyed in life. Thanks to Spinal Decompression, I can now go out to watch a movie, to go out dancing, to do whatever I want without having to have to worry about my low back pain. Thank you for giving me my life back."

- Mary C.

"I injured my back doing construction. Rather than collect disability, I was constantly taking pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs so I could continue working on the job. When I saw the ad for treating back pain with Spinal Decompression system, I was skeptical at first, but curious. I decided to give it a try and to my surprise, it worked like nothing I had ever tried before. After just one month of treatment, I felt stronger than I had in years and had the joy of throwing away all of those painkilling drugs. One of the happiest days in my life is when I discovered there was something that could cure my back pain. That something was your Spinal Decompression. I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my family."

- John V.

"When I first started treatment with Spinal Decompression, the only thing I was sure of, was that I could barely walk, sit, or stand. After going through 4 weeks of treatment the pain has slowly gone away. Today, I feel the I am 95% better thanks to Spinal Decompression."

- Gregory C.

"I have been in pain for 13 years, since I fell down a flight of stairs. After three surgeries and many types of treatments, I learned to live with my pain. Then I heard about this new machine that treats herniated discs without surgery. Skeptical at first, having nothing to lose, I started treatments on Spinal Decompression. On about the third treatment I began to feel some relief. After completing 15 treatments, I am able to get up in the morning and get dressed with no pain."

- Mary C.

"After having an MRI on my back, I was diagnosed having two herniated discs. The pain was like a knife jabbing my in my buttock down to my leg. My whole quality of life changed, not being able to escape the disabling pain. After cortisone epidurals in my spine my doctor told me, that I was facing surgery on my back. Then I found a clinic with Spinal Decompression an hour from my home. Today, I am pain free and feel like I have a second chance on life."

- Laura B.


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